Big Character Printer

Product Info
maccell DOD ink-jet printing system has been focused on various applications and easy to operate. It has designed to impact, fine ink jet printer and adopts separated design, large graphic LCD and dialogue menu. You could get flexible, fine marking with fast 175 meters per minute speed. LP7000+ plus inkjet controller, one of maccell technology, can be used in a wide variety of field applications and designed to maximize user convenience with little supervision. Multi-language support and interactive menu display, easy message edition and other functions is a perfection choice for many users.

maccell™ Printhead
maccell printhead is another product of InterMac proprietary technology. It is designed to install and maintain easily with the most compact size. The solenoid valve in the printhead only weighs 3 gram and the size is 4 mm. Its size and structure make maccell printhead very unique and one of the most efficient device in the industry. Fast speed and easy-to-use valve ARRARY enable the system to adjust the size of large characters to smaller than other systems. In addition, pocket type solenoid valve helps users reduce maintenance costs and time
InterMac offers two types of maccell printhead types. Printhead Type C uses water-based ink to mark on carton box and Type P printhead uses MEK based ink for non-absorbing surfaces like PP bag, steel, vinyl and glass.


LP7000 Serisi

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