Mission & Vision

Levent Gida Makine San Ltd. Sti company provides service to small and big size enterprises for 18 years.
Our company becomes one of the preferred companies because of its specialized sales and technical services knowledge in the coding sector.
All products we sell have CE certification and also the most preferred brands worldwide.
Our products are also preferred in Turkic Republics,North Cyprus, Arabic countries as well as in Turkey.
Our really pleased to know our customer's pleasure after the sales also.

Our Mission:

  • To provide sales and technical services who needs our machines to solve their sector's needs which produced by technological developments.
  • To introduce and sell our machines who requires systems we provide.

Our Vision:

  • To become one of the important and special firm in Turkey and Worldwide by our Sales and Technical services,
  • To become the leader and indispensable brand in the coding sector through the values of our company which serves globally by his resources.

Our Values:

  • Sharing: Based on unity and solidarity, create a family environment where the establishment of sincere friendship.
  • Renunciative :  It contributes to the studies, selfless work and enjoyed it. 
  • Entrepreneur: Advances confidently in the direction of self-ideals, open to innovation and assertive.
  • Responsible: Work in discipline and determination to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Public and Customer Oriented : To provide continui of service to customers  and responsiblities to society as a necessity of life not as a force.
  • Enviromental  Awareness: Working for a sustainable development as being aware that we will entrust our world to our grandchildren.
  • Sensitive:  Conscious to the public and our country.
  • Open-minded : Everyone can freely share their ideas for debate so that it creates a wide horizon and tolerant enviroment.
  • Quality Management: Kalitenin ancak toplam olarak ve yönetilerek sağlanabileceğini bilmek ve bu yolda çaba sarf etmek.
  • Individual Quality: Because of the respect we have towards ourselves and other people and showing  beautiful act. Being at peace with itself,not beacuse others want them to.
  • Expertness :Being competent. To know and to do well the requirements of the job. To add value to the business,to team, to company and thus to society.
  • Reconciliation: If we can not agree on the terms, we will find a middle way.
  • Innovativeness: Break taboos. Think unthought of. Try untested and create useful values.
  • Be Reasonable and Realistic: Be rationalist and be realistic. Do not waste your time and effort chasing unrealizable dreams.
  • Being Respectful to individuals and human rights, Being people oriented :Being respectful for privacy. Pay attention to the preferences of employees. Treat fairly. People are more valuable than rules.
  • Have Principles and Cohere : Be a man of his word, be trustable. to violate the principles for the sake of interests.
  • Companionship: Shared value, subscribe of common aims. To feel like a part of the organization. Believe in a common future.
  • Experience, Continuous Improvement and Change : Value innovation, youth and change, as well as emphasis on experience
  • Ethereality, Explicity, Honesty : Sharing Information and impressions through wishes and sincerely, without distorting the truth.
    Mutual Respect :Each employee of us is respectful.
  • Justice :Rightness and  equality of oppurtunity.

Quality Policy: 

  • In all processes,Our aim is to become a reliable and sought firm who understands exactly the customer's needs and expectations,
  • To closely monitor technological developments and their applications in the sector,
  • To upgrade powers and abilities of employees with emphasis on teamwork to become people who can use the level of quality at the highest level within the framework of the continuous quality systems,
  • To create awareness of environmental safety and quality of all employees,
  • To be in a cooperation based on trust with suppliers and subcontractors,
  • By the purpose of announcing our company's name and Turkey to the world by to serve our existing technical, administrative and financial handling of our savings,
  • Provide the most convenient, most accurate and economical solutions in a fastest way to avoid impropriety that may arise later,
  • Complete started project on time by working with senior technicans within the budget and quality,
  • To be a respectful to the society and enviroment that we live and so that we can become an example organisation,
  • Continuously improving our business volume, contributing to the national economy were identified as Quality Policy